Martin Westgate


Martin leads the Science & Decision Support Team. He holds a doctorate in landscape ecology and conservation biology from the Australian National University. His work focuses on conceptual, computational and statistical tools to better understand patterns in nature.


Hex maps for species occurrence data
Hex maps are a neat way to represent spatial information. Here, we show how to draw one using the most common species in the ALA database: the iconic Australian Magpie.

Sunburst plots for taxonomic data
Since version 1.3.1 of galah, it has been possible to download taxonomic data using a ‘tree’ format from the data.tree package. Here I’ll demonstrate some ideas for plotting these trees using circular diagrams.

Creating a color palette from an image
There are hundreds of color palettes in the R ecosystem, but sometimes we might want to use colors from a specific image. Here I show how to use the paletter package to create a color palette for the 2020 Eucalypt of the Year: the Western Australian Gimlet.