Southern Brown Tree Frog (Litoria ewingii)
by Third Silence Nature Photography (CC-BY-NC)

Welcome to ALA Labs

This site is a resource for coding projects that use data sourced from the ALA. We hope that users will find interesting content, whether their focus is ecological modelling, data visualisation, or simply investigating the natural world through a digital lens. Enjoy!

Data visualisation

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We value


Data are most useful when they are widely available and easy to use. We try to encourage the sharing of tools that make data from the Atlas of Living Australia more open and useful for everyone

Scientific transparency

Transparency is necessary for reproducible science. We encourage that decisions, methods and deviations in our workflow are clear and transparent from the planning phase, to the retrieval and analysis of data, to the final output

Robust methods

No method or analytic procedure is perfect. We value consideration for strengths and limitations of each method or analysis to help choose the methods that provide robust, reliable results